Within the Library’s role of spreading cultural awareness, the Visits Department has worked on reaching a number of schools through a campaign titled “Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Your School”. The department started executing the project in 2012 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education Directorate in Alexandria.


The target of the campaign is to reach different schools to promote the BA, its history, architecture, activities, and services.


We offer two different programs for different age groups:

  • “Children's Show” for kindergarten and primary school students; where a special show is presented to the children, introducing the Library in a very simple and colorful way that is suitable for their age group, in addition to a series of presentations entitled “Good Manners”.
  • “The BA: Past, Present and Future” for elementary and secondary schools where an interesting movie about the library is presented, in addition to a presentation on how to access the BA website and its digital projects.


The Visits Department offers the program at different schools and is presented by the highly qualified staff members as a means of spreading knowledge about the Library in a new and unusual way.


All schools are invited to join us in our outreach program and are to kindly note the following: 


  • The outreach program is free of charge for all schools
  • All equipment will be provided by the Visits Department
  • Prior reservation is required
  • Please contact the Visits Department in case of any modifications or cancelation


If you would like to participate in our outreach project, then do not hesitate to contact us:


Phone:  +(203) 483999     Ext.: 1573 – 1574

Fax: +(203) 4820458

E-mail: Visits@bibalex.org