The BA Center for Strategic Studies was founded as a contribution of the BA to highlight the current transformations on the international arena, study their impact on the Arab societies, and develop policies to link the research circles with decision makers.


  • Analyzing the world transformations and their complex consequences and simplifying them into policy points
  • Developing proactivepolicies to tackle future challenges
  • Taking part in the academic and research discussions studying the MENA disputes and conflicts
  • Enriching the public discussions on the use of observation tools to handle strategic and security challenges

Work Methodology

To achieve its goals and objectives, the Center depends on a variety of tools:

  1. Policy building workshops: based on scenario building approaches as a research tool to predict the future outcomes of current issues in order to reach strategic options and convey them to decision makers
  2. Capacity building workshops: networking with young researchers to benefit from their perceptions on future issues and training them on how to use strategic thinking tools
  3. Delphi surveys: the Center seeks to network with experts in Egypt and the world through Delphi surveys to build a database combining international and local thinking trends on future strategic issues
  4. Future workshops: the Center intends to bridge the gap between research and decision-making on one hand and the public and decision makers on the other. These workshops target the public at large and aim to gather their feedbacks on issues of mutual interest.
  5. Research: the Center aims to monitor issues and trends, which contribute to building future strategies and visions, and promotes the decision making process.