“Horus in Antoniadis” Workshop

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The BA Antiques Museum organizes a celebration entitled “Horus in Antoniadis” for orphans and children with special needs on Wednesday 8 August 2018 at Antoniadis Garden Palace, a BA affiliation.

The celebration includes artistic workshops which will point out what distinguishes the character of Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, being a symbol for childhood. In addition, a marionette theatre, a magician and clown show will be organized.

It is worth mentioning that the Garden was named after its owner, the Greek Barron John Antoniadis who lived in Alexandria. The palace, which is largely considered a fascinating piece of architecture, was built in 1860 when Antoniadis requested the French artist Paul Richard to develop the gardens of the palace as a minimized version of Varsay’s Palace and Gardens. It was decided to have the palace and the garden affiliated to the Library of Alexandria to become a cultural monument in the city.