The BA Publishes the Third Issue of Its Media Outlet

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The BA Media and Communication Sector published the third issue of Media Outlet (July 2020), under the title “The Innovations of Digital Literacy”. Media Outlet is an information bulletin that aims at displaying the important activities of the BA, and highlighting its most significant events, seminars and publications.

The publication, which comes in 48 pages, comprises a number of reports that cover the main events and activities organized by the BA during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, and how many young people, researchers and BA patrons interacted with them.

The bulletin also features detailed descriptions of several BA publications including Harry Tzalas’ Seven Days at the Cecil (Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center, 2010); Documenting Folk Crafts and Trades in Cairo (Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage); and Radicalization on the Internet (Center for Strategic Studies).

Moreover, the publication sheds light on the innovations of digital literacy, which the BA aspires to adopt, as well as the ways in which the BA Library Sector reached out to its public remotely, and the cultural and scientific services offered on the Library’s social media platforms during the peak of coronavirus.