The BA Receives GitHub Digital Archive as One of Three Libraries around the World

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Believing in the importance of the digital preservation of heritage for future generations, and in the necessity of giving access to knowledge for all humanity, the Bibliotheca Alexandria received a copy of the GitHub digital archive, becoming the third library around the world, after the Bodleian Library in Oxford, and Stanford Libraries in California. The BA will showcase this third copy in its Digital World Exhibition.

GitHub, affiliated to Microsoft, is a digital repository for open source software, which can be shared and followed among programmers around the world. It currently includes almost 40 million users.

GitHub collected 17,000 repositories of the most important open source software, in addition to a random sample of about 5000 other repositories, which were archived in reels of film, and enclosed in a museum-quality box featuring 3D-printed and AI-generated artwork.

This initiative came following GitHub success in collecting millions of digital repositories, and preserving them for a thousand years in the Arctic Code Vault in the North Pole, with an aim to protect the software history from natural disasters, and give an image of today’s programmers to the coming generations.

It is worth mentioning that the BA has always been keen on preserving cultural heritage – in all its forms – for humanity. It launched many free online digital archives, digitized thousands of books, and participated in several international conferences through its work of archiving the internet.

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