The BA Celebrates the End of the Cultural and Artistic Season for Children and Young People at Khadija Palace

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The BA Children and Young People's Libraries are organizing the closing ceremony of the cultural and artistic season for children and young people at Princess Khadija Palace in Helwan, on Thursday, 14 September 2023, at 3:00 pm.

The celebration will include several cultural, artistic and scientific activities, and will be accompanied by an exhibition of the output created by the users of the Children and Young People's Libraries during the summer season courses they attended at Khadija Palace.

The summer season was packed with cultural, educational and artistic courses, along with various workshops for patrons of the Children and Young People's Libraries, as it comprised one-day workshops on copper jewelry making, gypsum forms, recycling and candle making. It also featured cultural workshops that covered topics, such as storytelling and speed-reading, together with specialized training courses in many fields, such as the “Little Entrepreneur” course and the “Self-Confidence Skills” course, in addition to the arts and handicrafts courses, such as “Arabic Calligraphy” and “Macramé Making” courses.

This celebration comes as part of the BA effective and leading role in serving different segments of society, as it pays special attention to children and young people through its various consistent events and activities, with the aim of encouraging reading, cultivating talents, developing life and intellectual skills, spreading awareness and knowledge and highlighting creative, interactive and cultural education.