Day Care

The Visits Department hosts BA visitors children under six, in the presence of one of their parents, in a place where they can enjoy their time.

Location: BA Plaza, behind the Conference Center

Opening hours: Daily from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm except Fridays, Saturdays and official Holidays

Admission to the Daycare is free of charge. Children are allowed in the daycare area only if:

  • either of the child’s parents is using the BA;
  • either of the child’s brothers or sisters is using the Children’s Library, the Young People’s Library or attending an event at the BA;
  • either of the child’s parents is attending an event at the BA. 

Rules and Regulations:

  • Parents must present their tickets or membership cards to the care service. 
  • Parents must fill in the child’s personal information form and present their ID. 
  • A child needs only one parent to stay with.
  • Toys and sharp objects are not allowed.
  • Eating is not allowed in the closed area.
  • Children are asked to put the toys, colors, etc back in their place when they finish playing with them.
  • Children have free choice to participate in any of the scheduled activities.
  • Prior reservation is required for large groups and nurseries (maximum 30 children).

Our Daycare provides:

  • a safe and secure environment for children,
  • Staff members who can communicate with children, orient them to different activities and help them enjoy their time,
  • weekly activities,
  • special place for breastfeeding and diaper change,
  • educational materials for parents, concerning raising up their children, and
  • special programs for large groups and nurseries.

Children’s Activities:

  • Coloring
  • Toys 
  • Handcrafts
  • Drawing 
  • Storytelling 
  • Watching cartoons 
  • Mind games
  • Clay play
  • Playing in the garden
  • Special lectures and presentations teaching children good manners

The Daycare service provides weekly activities, as well as special programs during summer and midyear vacations.


Alexandria Information (AlexInfo)

The Visits Department offers a new service to the BA visitors: a detailed database about Alexandria is now available at the Front Office Desk. The service includes locating the most significant touristic places along with all their contact information, as well as data about other services like banks, ATM, consulates, cultural centers…etc. It is an immediate delivery for the visitors’ inquiries that helps in guaranteeing the quality of the service.


Ask Your Guide

Visitors are now able to write any inquiry concerning the BA services and activities that has not been mentioned during the Guided Tour. The Visits Department will then follow up and send a reply.