The Digital Assets Repository (DAR) is a system developed by the BA International School of Information Science (ISIS) to create and maintain the Library's digital collections. DAR acts as a repository that preserves and archives all types of media (including books, slides, negatives, manuscripts, maps, audio and video) and provides public access to these digitized collections through web-based search and browsing facilities. The system is easy to integrate with any web-based interoperable digital library as it is based on evolving standards. Over 210,000 books and 35,000 images are now available online. All out-of-copyright books are available in full for Internet users. For books that are in copyright, Internet users can browse only 5% of the book. However, they are available from within BA, with simultaneous access limited to the number of physical copies available at the Library. Content-based search is performed on all books; the online collection is searchable by author, title, or subject.